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Drapeau de Tunisie

Blockchain in Tunisia

You live in Tunisia. You develop projects, trainings or you recruit in the Blockchain sector.

Crypto currency in Tunisia

You live in Tunisia. You are developing projects, training or recruiting in the cryptocurrency sector.

A propos de la Tunisie

“The geography of Tunisia is characterized by regional contrasts. Tunisia is the most northerly country on the African continent. It is separated from Europe by 140 kilometers at the level of the Sicily Canal and attached to the Maghreb of which it is the smallest state.

With an area of 163,610 km 2 , the country is limited to the west by Algeria (965 kilometers from the common border), to the southeast by Libya (459 kilometers) and to the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea (1,148 kilometers of coastline). “

Wikipedia source

The official currency in Tunisia

The currency in force in Tunisia is therefore the Tunisian dinar

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