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  • Card players.
  • Universities and training centers: Dynamic and friendly way to introduce this new technology.
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Startups: Help to popularize their activities
  • Internal Blockchain services of companies: Obtain employee support for projects.
  • Business leaders: Popularize the Blockchain with their managers.
  • Companies that have adopted these technologies: Involve Blockchain with their suppliers.
  • Individuals curious to discover Blockchain with family or friends

You can play it regardless of your level of knowledge in the Blockchain.

Experienced people can also have fun and will not be bored.

It is played from 2 to 6 people.

Yes. Each part is different.

The players themselves define the duration of the game by choosing the number of turns.

Each turn, a new event occurs. Players must adapt.

Ideally the game should last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

French and English.

  • Extensions of the game will be offered by business sector. (Real estate, Luxury, health, banking, transport, automobile, etc.)

Wallcrypt offers you a splendid 200-page GUIDE to the design of the card game.

50 experts playfully explain Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to you.

Wallcrypt offers support through online counseling sessions. Thanks to a network of consultants offered by Wallcrypt, players can continue to learn about any subject they want and whatever their level.

Take pleasure in quickly and easily discovering the concepts of the Blockchain and its ecosystem thanks to this superb GUIDE in the colors of the game.

Your friends will be surprised and delighted with this unexpected gift.

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