Board game

Understand the Blockchain by playing

  • Card players.
  • Universities and training centers: Dynamic and friendly way to introduce this new technology.
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Startups: Help to popularize their activities
  • Internal Blockchain services of companies: Obtain employee support for projects.
  • Business leaders: Popularize the Blockchain with their managers.
  • Companies that have adopted these technologies: Involve Blockchain with their suppliers.
  • Individuals curious to discover Blockchain with family or friends

You can play it regardless of your level of knowledge in the Blockchain.

Experienced people can also have fun and will not be bored.

It is played from 2 to 6 people.

Yes. Each part is different.

The players themselves define the duration of the game by choosing the number of cycles.

With each cycle, a new event occurs. Players have to adapt.

Ideally the game should last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

  • Extensions of the game will be offered by business sector. (Real estate, Luxury, health, banking, transport, automobile, etc.)

Your friends will be surprised and delighted with this unexpected gift.

Rules of the game

The WALLCRYPT game allows players to manipulate the use cases of BLOCKCHAIN ​​in industries that are already and will be affected by technology. It is a game of management and strategy bluff-based. From 2 to 6 players compete by collecting Tokens, Companies and Teams. The combination of Tokens and cards illustrates and popularizes the uses of the BLOCKCHAIN.

This is how a Game Cycle works in WALLCRYPT

Players draw a starting hand, possibly consisting of:
  • “Transactions” cards, to be played in the “Blockchain”
  • “Trick” cards, to play for yourself or against a player
  • “Business” cards, investments to increase points at the end of the game and trigger new objectives.
  • “Team” cards, which give special abilities to the player who engages them.
The cards contain several pieces of information. The players then compose their starting “Wallet”, i.e. they select 7 Tokens of their choice, according to their objectives and their starting hand, among the 3 types of Tokens offered in the game:
  • Coins
  • Utility Token
  • Equity Token
1/ The players then reveal the news card which will have an influence throughout the cycle. Here we go ! 2/ Players take turns playing a card from their hand:
  • If it is a “Transaction” card, it is placed in front of you or in front of another player face down. When a player wishes to play a “Transaction” card in a block, he superimposes his card, face down, on the cards placed previously, which remain face down.
  • If it is a “Trick” card, it is played, the effect is immediate and it is immediately discarded unless the effect lasts beyond.
  • If it is a “Company” card, it is paid and placed in front of the player who played it.
  • If it is a “Team” card, it is paid and played in front of the player who played it.
3/ When all the cards have been played, the first player reveals, one by one, the cards of his block, which was face down in front of him, then the second player and so on. Each time a player reveals a card from their block, the effect is applied. 4/ The cycle is finished. The players replenish their hand, they have the possibility of exchanging tokens and a “News” card is drawn again. The second player becomes the first player. 5/ The cycles follow one another until there are no more “News” cards to be drawn. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game:
  • 3 Tokens are worth 1 point.
  • The “Companies” cards provide very powerful Bonuses and change the conditions for collecting points.
A game lasts between 30min and 45min. But can be played in quick game or long game depending on the number of cards.



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