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New Wallcrypt Book 2024 FAQ

Why publish a new Wallcrypt book?

After the great success of our first publication in 2022, “Blockchain & Cryptos | 60 experts explain everything”, and in the face of the rapid evolution of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, Wallcrypt is launching a new book. Our ambition is to democratize access to these revolutionary technologies, allowing as many people as possible to understand their challenges and advantages.

Who is this book for?

This book is aimed at everyone, without exception, whatever your level of knowledge and interest in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and AI. Whether you are a curious newbie or a professional looking to expand your knowledge, this book was designed for you.

Who are the authors ?

Sixty of the industry’s brightest and most influential minds share their expertise and vision, making this book an invaluable compendium of knowledge and experience across the full spectrum of technologies covered.

When will it be available?

Mark your calendars: Late 2024 will see the arrival of this essential guide, navigating through the technologies shaping our future.

What will the structure of the book be?

Organized into chapters dedicated to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Tokenization, NFTs, AI, and Political & Legal perspectives, the book offers a total immersion in the world of emerging technologies.

Book printing

Format: 152 x 228 mm 350 pages B&W Munken white/ivory interior paper 90gr/m2

3 mm cardboard cover + 150 gr/m2 paper

Glued square binding

“Peach skin” lamination + glossy varnish on titles

(it brings real added value visually, and also to the touch of the book, with the soft touch effect and the relief of the varnish).

Number of pages

Prepare yourself for an exploration of 330 to 350 pages of articles that can be read independently, each section revealing a specific part of these fascinating ecosystems. Hardcover. Black and white interior.

How much will the book cost?

€39 including tax

A limited edition collector’s pack

The Collector’s Pack includes:

The collector’s pack will be offered at €300 including tax

How many languages?

The book will be published in French and English. Translation from other languages is possible depending on the partnership.

A Pure Work, Without Advertising:

We would like to emphasize that the Wallcrypt 2024 Book stands out for its integrity and richness of content. Like an encyclopedia, this book contains no advertising. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and unbiased source of information on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and AI, allowing our readers to fully immerse themselves in learning without distraction.

Discuss with the co-editors:

Each co-editor, thanks to their expertise and vision, considerably enriches this book. For those wishing to deepen their knowledge of the contributors, a QR code associated with each author will link to a dedicated page. This initiative aims to create a bridge between our readers and the co-editors, providing a space to discover their work, their contributions to the sector and potentially, follow their journeys and future achievements.

How to Use QR Codes:

At the end of each chapter you will find a unique QR code. A simple scan with your smartphone camera will direct you to a link where more information about the respective author will be available. This interactive approach enriches your reading experience, giving you the key to exploring the horizons and ideas that shaped this book.


Can I choose my subject?

Yes, the summary will form itself based on the proposals. Wallcrypt will adjust based on the proposals.

  1. Blockchain
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. DEFI decentralized finance
  4. Tokenization – RWA
  5. NFT
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Fundraising
  8. Political Perspectives & Legal

How many signs should the article have?

Item will be approx. 10,000 characters.

For information :

75 characters per line, 30 lines per page, or 2250 characters per page.

On a classic page: margin of 2.5, 12 Times New Roman font and line spacing of 1.5

What support should I use to make the article?

Word training. Time new Roman Size 12

Images are allowed

Yes as long as they are free of rights

Content Validation

A review committee will validate each article.

Cite your sources

  1. Credibility: Citing reliable sources strengthens the credibility of the author and the content. This shows that the claims are based on verified research and data, not unsubstantiated personal opinions.
  2. Transparency: Mentioning sources provides transparency that allows readers to verify the information for themselves, thus contributing to a relationship of trust between the author and his audience.
  3. Academic and professional recognition: In the academic and professional world, citing your sources is a sign of rigor and respect for the work of others. This may also open doors for future collaborations with the cited experts.
  4. Education and in-depth: By providing sources, you offer your readers the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject, thus promoting education and personal enrichment.

The number of co-authors does not allow us to offer copyright. A publication rights contract is signed by each Co-Publisher.

Thank You Gift

A book in French and a book in English is offered to co-publishers as well as a PREMIUM subscription. If the co-publisher is already a member of the club, he can offer the subscription.



The book will be sold on and Amazon

Wallcrypt will also operate social media, partnerships, newsletters, influencers and the press.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is designed to reward each contributor for their essential role in the success of this project.

Each co-publisher will receive a personalized affiliate link. This link may be shared within your networks, on your social platforms, or via any other communication channel that you deem appropriate.

A 15% commission will be awarded thanks to the code.

Monitoring and Transparency:

We will set up a transparent monitoring system, allowing each co-publisher to consult the performance of their affiliate link in real time.

Wallcrypt goes through

Number of sales

Our goal is to exceed 10,000 sales



Wallcrypt has chosen self-publishing. Pre-sales are necessary to finance the design of the book, the translation and the production. The implementation of Crowdfunding is being studied.

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