Blockchain Book

An educational book accessible to all

Who is the Wallcrypt book for?

The book is addressed :

  • to universities,
  • training centers
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency startups,
  • internal blockchain services of companies,
  • business leaders,
  • individuals curious to discover Blockchain with family or friends

The book will be published in French.

CHAPTER 1: Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin The little history of Bitcoin What is Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, is a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal
  • Ether: the Ethereum blockchain token
  • Overview of cryptocurrencies
  • How to invest well in cryptocurrencies?
  • Which wallets to secure and store your cryptocurrencies?
  • Understanding cryptocurrency mining
  • What is staking?
  • The Tokenization process
  • The macroeconomic fundamentals of cryptocurrencies
  • The Dark Side of Technology Warfare: Control of Our Future Global Financial System
  • Cryptocurrencies and the local economy
  • How can BC in the health ecosystem be the missing link to restore trust and transparency?

CHAPTER 2: The Blockchain

  • The Blockchain What is Blockchain? The Blockchain Philosophy History of blockchains
  • Consensus mechanisms Proof-of-Work Proof of stake Proof of history Proof of behavior
  • What is a private key and a public key?
  • Electronic signature
  • The real potential of private blockchain solutions
  • Interoperability of blockchains
  • Sidechains: the future of Blockchains?
  • The Ethereum blockchain The history of Ethereum Ethereum 2, how does it work?
  • Smart contracts: smart contracts What is a smart contract? The security of smart contracts
  • Oracles and the Blockchain
  • DAOs: from companies to companies on blockchain?
  • The big applications of blockchain in real life
  • Blockchain and health
  • Decentralized identity
  • Decentralized digital identity for increased rights
  • The blockhain revolution in real estate
  • Blockchain and video games
  • Corporate blockchain
  • Layer 2 solutions for industry
  • Blockchain and electronic voting
  • From the Internet of Blockchains to WEB 3.0
  • Blockchain and Supply Chain Management
  • Blockchain and data protection
  • Impact of blockchain on Africa

CHAPTER 3: Decentralized Finance

  • What is decentralized finance?
  • Role and functioning of marketing authorizations
  • DEX – Decentralized exchanges
  • Yield farming
  • The provision of liquidity
  • Understand everything about impermanent loss
  • Definition and operation of leveraged yield farming
  • How do cryptos raise their funds?
  • What are Crypto Airdrops?


  • What are NFTs?
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs: new tech available to everyone?
  • NFT: is this the end of auctioneers?
  • The future of NFTs

CHAPTER 5: Legal

  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency, the El Dorado of cybercriminals?
  • Cryptocurrency in the hands of politicians
  • Taxation of digital assets
  • Smart contracts: legal analysis
  • PSAN – Service Provider on Digital Assets
  • How to regulate the cryptocurrency sector?


50 experts explain the Blockchain to you

ABADAY Ali (Finland)
Freelance Writer at Coinmotion
Subject : Basic cryptocurrency explanation or the short history of Bitcoin?
ANDRIEU Thomas (France)
Economic and financial author and editor at Cafedelabourse, Cointribune, OR.FR, Rochegrup, Youtrading, JDHÉditions.
Subject : «The macroeconomic fundamentals of cryptos»
Aissa Nes (Spain)
Nes Aissa (Espagne)
CEO Zonebitcoin
Subject: Politics and state cryptocurrencies.
BAYLE Aurélie (France)
Lawyer – Data protection officer – GDPR & blockchain doctorate in the health sector
Subject : ” Data protection “
BECMEUR Valentin (France)
Valentin Becmeur
Vice-president AFPAO Association of Professional Trainers in Public Speaking
Subject: “The blockhain revolution in real estate”
BEAUFORT Marvin (France)
Marvin Beaufort
Financial Analyst Banque de France
Subject : Cryptocurrencies and the local economy
BÉNOLIEL Harald (France)
Ambassador at Wault Finance
Subject : “What is Leverage Farming and how do you use it?”
Frédéric BONELLI (France)
CEO @CoinTribune
Subject : “What is staking”
BOVEN Gaël (Belgium)
Lawyer – Co-founder Art Can Die Coin &
Subject : “Blockchain, Art and Crypto: inventory”
Marketing & Growth Manager ILIIUM
Subject : Mining
Alain BROUSTAIL (France)
Blockchain & IT Innovation Expert
Subject : Electronic signature
Cangé Samuel (Haïti)
Samuel Cangé
Financial & Economics Content Provider
Subject : Which wallets to secure and store your tokens?
Samuel Cangé
CHLYAH Mehdi (France)
Co-founder & CEO of I’MC Corporation (Digital Magazine / animation Studios / Trading platform) Forex trader (I love money) Writer & storyboarder at I’MC animation Studios
Subject: Ether: the Ethereum blockchain token
PhD Student Cyber Security of Distributed Systems
Subject : Sidechains: the future of Blockchains?
Marina Dehez-Clementi QR code
Writer specializing in cryptocurrency, blockchain, Challenge & finance
Subject : “What is Bitcoin? “
Campos Marius (France)
CAMPOS  Marius
Blockchain Consultant at Smart-Chain & SmartNode | Smartlink Ambassador | Vice-Président & responsable Blockchain at Cyb-RI | Crypto enthusiast
Subject: The Dark Side of Tech Warfare: Controlling Our Future Global Financial System
Delqué Nicolas (France)
Delqué Nicolas
Co-founders of Money Block
Subject: Blockchain and video games
Delqué Nicolas
Thomas Foicik (France)
Thomas Foicik
Co-founders of Money Block
Subject: Blockchain and video games
Thomas Foicik
BlockChain Developer DROON
Subject : “Ethereum 2, how does it work?” “
DEVASSINE Jimmi (France)
Telegram channel moderator at Fiscalité Crypto FR
Subject : «Taxation of digital assets»
Chief Operating Officer chez EquusChain – Blockchain Expert & Information system strategy / Speaker
Subject : The Tokenization Process
DESPRES Steve (France)
Steve Despres
Développeur chez Nameshield | Créateur du site
Subject : Cryptocurrencies and the local economy
Soilihi Dhoulkifli
Crypto Researcher and Analyst.
Subject: How do cryptos raise their funds?
DJARI Aimen (France)
PhD student | IT & Blockchain
Subject : “Proof of stake”
DUBUCQ Cédric (France)
Associate lawyer BRUZZO DUBUCQ
Subject : NFTs
DUVAL Pascal (France)
Pascal DUVAL (France)
Blockchain expert for innovation, empowerment, resilience and ecology
Subject : Smart contracts
FLEURET Faustine (France)
FLEURET Faustine
President and CEO at ADAN (Association for the development of digital assets)
Subject: Panorama des Cryptos
Foka Stephen Nzaha (Yaoundé, Cameroun)
Blockchain | Digital Transformation | Content Writing | Business Analysis
Subject : Role and operation of marketing authorizations (Automated Market Maker)
Lawyer – Marseille office
Subject : “The PSAN – Service Provider on Digital Assets”
Marketing & Growth Manager ILIIUM
Subject : Mining
GUÉDON Pablo (France)
PhD student subject “Blockchain and tax law”
Subject : DAO: companies on blockchains
Line Guffond Le Goanvic
E-Health & Innovation lead – Data Management I Transfo Num I Innovation I Blockchain
Subject: Blockchain and Health
HENOCQUE Laurent  (France)
Founder & CEO at KeeeX
Subject : Layer 2 solutions for industry
Student at ENSAE Paris
Subject: Proof of history, Proving the veracity of an event
ISIGE John (Kenya)
John ISIGE (Kenya)
Senior Crypto Analyst at Trading-Education
Subject : The Future Of NFTs
JACOB Charles (France)
CEO of ALTI TRADING  | Passionate about Financial Markets and Passive Income
Subject: How to invest well in cryptocurrencies?
JOLY Alex (France)
Student Member of the Study / Editorial team at KRYPTOSPHERE ®
Subject : Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, is a proposal for improving Bitcoin
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expert | Data Scientist | Developer: Python – Blockchain & Smart Contract – RPA
Subject : What is Blockchain?
KINDA Ianne (France)
Subject : Oracles and the Blockchain
Subject : “Proof of behavior”
LAJEUNE Gaétan (France)
Editorial manager at CoinTribune / President of MinedHack
Subject : What is a private key and a public key?
Lô Babacar (Senegal)
Blockchain Architect | Dkr Blockchain Lab | R&D Software Engineering | AI enthusiast | Senior Software Engineer
Subject : Smart-contracts
LOIZON Margaux (France)
Margaux LOIZON
Blockchain and Notary PhD student
Subject: Legal analysis of smart-contracts
Marius Lombard-Platet
PhD student in cryptography and security
Subject : The security of smart contracts
MAFFOCK Junie (Cameroon)
Founder & CEO at Blockchain for Africa
Subject: Major applications of blockchain in real life
XSL-Labs CTO | Blockchain & Cybersecurity | Decentralized Identity, Verifiable Credentials, Personal Data Privacy and Sovereignty | DID VC SSI Public Blockchains | PKI DPKI FIDO eIDAS | DAO, Decentralized Democracy
Subject: Decentralized identity
Julie MARTIN (France)
Marketing and Communication Project Manager at Smart-Chain
Subject : Blockchain and health
MORENO Diego (France)
PhD student in blockchain technology
Subject : The Blockchain Philosophy
Subject : “What is decentralized finance? “
Naffah Najah (France)
CEO Blockchain Secure SAS at Blockchain Secure
Subject : Enterprise blockchain
OUTAHAR Hayat (France)
Blockchain consultant & Crypto HoDler
Subject : NFT
PAREDES Julien (France)
Co-Founder – Head of Partnerships & Business Development @Puls Impact I Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies & NFT Consultant
Subject : “Blockchain and electronic voting”
PERARD Doriane (France)
Doriane PERARD
IT security engineer Pentester
Subject: cybercrime and cryptojacking
PETROFF Serge (France)
End of studies internship at DAO Maker
Subject : “Interoperability of blockchains”
Co-founder and manager at Le Cryptopolitain
Jean-Jacques Quisquater
UCLouvain: blockchain, 1996: smart cards,1980: cryptography, 1977: MIT-CSAIL associate from 2004: Senior Consultant (advisor) at NGRAVE
Subject : History from the beginning of blockchains to bitcoin
Ruhat EKAME (France)
Subject : “The major applications of blockchain in real life”
SABIRI Khadija (Morocco)
Dr. Khadija SABIRI
PostDoctoral fellow: The use and impact of Cloud Computing Technologies in Regional and Local Public Administration
Subject : « Impact blockchain on Africa »
Thibaud Souchal
Co-founder and manager at The Cryptopolitain
SCHMITZ David (Belgium / Luxembourg)
logion blockchain founder / Polkadot Ambassador
Subject : “From the Internet of Blockchain to WEB 3.0”
Experienced Support Engineer, ITIL consultant/project manager, data center and IT manager
Subject : Relationship between gaming and blockchain
SULEMAN Hezekiah (Nigeria)
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Subject: What are Airdrops Crypto ?
Thibault Langlois
PhD student in law: blockchain & decentralized identity
Thibault Langlois-Berthelot
Subject : Decentralized digital identity for increased rights
Auditor acculturation audit blockchain assessment and protection of intangible assets – RGPD
Subject: Blockchain and Supply Chain Management
Romain Verlomme-Fried
Founder TokenToMe Producer of NFT / Auctioneer
Subject : NFT is this the end of auctioneers?
Blockchain / IOT expert. Founder & CEO Filechain
Subject : Private blockchain
Software Developer | Blockchain Technologies | NFT and Défi
Subject : The history of Ethereum

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