Blockchain Book

An educational book accessible to all

Who is the Wallcrypt book for?

The book is addressed :

  • to universities,
  • training centers
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency startups,
  • internal blockchain services of companies,
  • business leaders,
  • individuals curious to discover Blockchain with family or friends

The book will be published in French.


1.1 The fundamentals: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum..

  • What is the Blockchain?
  • The Cypherpunks, precursors of the blockchain in the name of digital freedoms.
  • A short history of Bitcoin</li >
  • Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, a proposal for improving Bitcoin
  • The history of Ethereum
  • Overview of crypto-assets
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs: new tech within everyone’s reach?
  • What is a private key and a public key?

1.2 How to get started in cryptocurrencies?

  • The art and the way to unearth nuggets thanks to fundamental analysis
  • How to find and analyze small cryptos with high potential
  • How to invest in cryptocurrencies?
  • Optimize your DYOR with social networks


2.1 Consensus mechanisms

  • Consensus Mechanisms in a Decentralized Organization
  • Proof-of-Work
  • Understanding Cryptocurrency Mining</li >
  • What is Bitcoin mining?
  • Proof-of-Stake
  • Proof of behavior
  • < /ul>

2.2 Interoperability and scalability of blockchains

  • Blockchain Interoperability
  • Oracles and Blockchain
  • Sidechains: The Future of Blockchains?
  • Layer 2 Solutions for industry
  • Polkadot, the WEB 3.0 oriented blockchain

2.3. Smart contracts

  • Smart contracts: presentation and security
  • Smart contracts: legal analysis
  • Smart contracts – The Contract as a Machine

2.4. Various applications

  • DAOs: companies on the blockchain?
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • The true potential of private blockchain solutions
  • Blockchain and Supply Chain Management
  • The blockchain revolution in real estate
  • Blockchain and video games
  • Blockchain and Health

PART 3: DeFi

    • What is decentralized finance (DeFi)?
    • DeFi: some applications
    • How do players in the blockchain ecosystem raise their funds?
    • DEX: Decentralized exchanges
    • AMMs: role and operation
    • Yield farming
    • Farming with leverage
    • What is staking?
    • Generating passive income with cryptocurrencies
    • What are “crypto airdrops”?
< /ul>

PART 4: NFTs and Metaverses

4.1 NFT

  • NFTs: history, applications and operation
  • A definition of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – Essay
  • Public auctions in the age of NFTs</ li>

4.2 Metaverses

  • The Metaverses
  • Buying Land in the Metaverse


5.1 Legal and regulatory aspects

  • Decentralized finance (DeFi): legal understanding of a new phenomenon
  • Digital Asset Service Provider (DSP) – current and future regulation
  • Taxation of digital assets
  • Cryptos throughout your life: acquire, keep and transmit

5.2 Identity, security, regulation and data protection

  • Electronic signature
  • Security of digital assets
  • Decentralized authentication, blockchain as DPKI
  • Decentralized identity</ li>
  • Blockchain and personal data protection
  • Rethinking the protection of health data with blockchain technology
  • Legal perspectives of the emergence of a decentralized identity at the service of increased digital rights

5.3 Economic and political outlook

  • Blockchain philosophies and ideologies
  • The price of cryptocurrencies: what macroeconomic factors?
  • CBDCs: cryptocurrency in the hands of politics?
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the Eldorado of cybercriminals?
  • Cryptocurrencies and the local economy
  • Tokenization and its impacts on organizations: a performative analysis of Blockchain
  • The dark side of technological warfare: control of our future global financial system



60 experts explain the Blockchain to you

ABADAY Ali (Finland)
Item: “Basic cryptocurrency explanation or the short history of Bitcoin?”
Ali Abaday is a journalist currently based in Helsinki who has been covering international politics, cryptocurrencies and popular culture news since 2007. Abaday has worked for several Turkish and international media outlets. He has three published books.
Aissa Nes (Spain)
Nes Aissa (Espagne)
Item: “State politics and cryptocurrencies.”
Consultant in Fintech and passionate about the issues of Financial Inclusion, Ines Aissa (Rubix) turned to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Convinced that this is much more than financial assets, Ines co-founded, an independent newspaper specializing in investing in cryptocurrencies.
Alexandre de Froissard
Item: “Digital Asset Security” “Cryptos throughout your life: acquire, keep and transmit”
Louis Alexandre de Froissard founded Montaigne Conseil in 2003. Passionate about innovations applied to his profession, he created FinTech events in 2015 (including Fin&Tech Summit in Bordeaux), where the Blockchain still has its place. In 2019 he invites his first clients to invest in crypto-assets. Finally, 2021 will be marked by its Expert Certification in Decentralized Finance and the creation of Crypto Investment Advisory Services.
ALKHUDARY Rami (France)
Item: “NFT: history, applications and operation”
Rami ALKHUDARY is a temporary teaching and research assistant at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas where he recently obtained his doctorate in management sciences on the use of blockchain technology in the supply chain. His research has been recognized through several international conferences (best research paper at PROLOG 2019) and with publications at Springer, International Journal of Project Management, European Business Review, and Harvard Business Review France.
ANDRIEU Thomas (France)
Item: “Macroeconomic fundamentals of cryptos”Article : “Les fondamentaux macro-économiques des cryptos”
“Thomas Andrieu is a student, author, columnist and regular editor for several media including Cafedelabourse, Cointribune… He is also co-author of the book “REVOLUTION CRYPTOS” published by JDH. Specialist in economic themes, he is interested here in cryptocurrencies.
BAYLE Aurélie (France)
Item: “Data protection”
Aurélie Bayle is a doctoral candidate in private law at the University of Montpellier. Since 2017, she has been writing a thesis on the challenges of the Blockchain in terms of the protection of personal data in the health sector. She is also a legal advisor for Blockchain projects and has her own GDPR and external DPO support company.
BECMEUR Valentin (France)
Valentin Becmeur
Subject: “The blockhain revolution in real estate”
Valentin Becmeur co-founded , a behavioral science company, and , consulting company and training in the field of blockchain. He supports startups and companies in the design of crypto, NFT, DAO projects, and in particular in the development of tokenomics. He is also involved in strategic communication, his first job, such as for example as an advisor to His book on The Future of Finance is in preparation.
BÉNOLIEL Harald (France)
Item: “What is Leveraged Farming and how to use it?”
Founder of IS Edition, Free to Write and Ebook Edition. Also passionate about cryptos and addicted to Blockchain technologies. I was an ambassador for Credits Blockchain from 2018 to 2021, in charge of commercial and technological partnerships.
Frédéric BONELLI (France)
Subject : “What is staking”
Frédéric BONELLI: CEO of crypto media French world leader. CEO of several franchises of the world leader in crypto-media on Europe (including France) and Asia. Member of the FORBES France team (crypto and blockchain content) Author of the book
BOVEN Gaël (Belgium)
Item: “Blockchain, Art and Crypto: state of play”
Me Gaël BOVEN is an international lawyer specializing in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT, Artificial Intelligence and business law. He is also an author, speaker, member of AI TOGETHER, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of the 4Blockchainers forum and general manager of the 3.0 art production house “Art Can Die” which combines new technologies at the service of the art world.
Item: “Understanding Cryptocurrency Mining”
Currently Product Owner of Staking solutions at Ilium, specialized in the transition to Ethereum 2.0. Passionate about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I am keen to popularize some of these aspects to allow everyone to understand this major innovation with ease.
Alain BROUSTAIL (France)
Item: “Electronic signature”
Alain Broustail is the president of Blockchain EZ, a strategy consulting firm specializing in blockchain technologies. Writer, recognized speaker, he is also an active member of several crypto and DeFi projects.
Sébastien Cailhol
Item: “How to find the right social networks to learn about Blockchain and cryptos?”
Freelance Blockchain Recruiter – Alyra Decentralized Finance / DAO DigitalNomad
Campos Marius (France)
CAMPOS  Marius
Item: “The Dark Side of Technological Warfare: Controlling Our Future Global Financial System”
Marius Campos is Blockchain Consultant & Tezos Ambassador for Smart-Chain and Ambassador for Smartlink. Trained in International Relations and Cyberspace at ILERI, he became passionate about blockchain technology in 2017 and joined the ecosystem the following summer. While he was president of Cyb-RI, he participated in the writing of the collective work of the cyber-strategy commission of the Union-IHEDN (prefaced by Jean-Yves Le Drian) “Cyber: a question of sovereignty” .
Item: “What is Bitcoin mining?”
I am an SEO web writer specializing in cryptocurrency, blockchain, DeFi and finance. I regularly write news and guides on these promising subjects. I trained as an engineer and worked for 10 years as a project engineer in the nuclear industry in France and the UK. As a digital nomad, I like to change my environment to stimulate my curiosity and open-mindedness. My favorite quote? “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch” JFK
Dehez Clementi (France)
Item: “Sidechains: the future of Blockchains?”
Doctor graduated from ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France, and Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, Marina DEHEZ-CLEMENTI has been working on issues of anonymity and traceability in the context of blockchains since 2018. Post-doctoral researcher at the L3i laboratory of the At the University of La Rochelle, she is currently pursuing her study of privacy and liability issues in distributed systems and the integration of blockchains to contribute to their resolution.
Yannick Delguidice-Bernard
Items: “Consensus mechanisms within a decentralized organization” “Proof-of-Work”
Ergology researcher trained in management sciences and author of the essay: Esonomy, a spiritual economy. Yannick is an adventurous explorer who has traveled to more than 50 countries where he has opened his mind and satisfied his insatiable curiosity by being passionate about physical sciences, sociology, economics, blockchain technologies and spirituality. His book published at the end of 2021 in which he imagines how to bring more harmony to the world thanks to cryptocurrencies is available on:
DESPRES Steve (France)
Steve Despres
Item: “Cryptocurrencies and the local economy”
Coming from an engineering background, I am passionate about new technologies and in particular the Blockchain ecosystem. I am particularly interested in the subjects of web 3.0 and digital identity, as well as the development of Smart Contracts. I am co-founder of the CryptoMS website on which we publish various articles around Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.
DEVASSINE Jimmi (France)
Item: “Taxation of digital assets”
Jimi Devassine is the moderator of the only and most important French-speaking Telegram channel specializing in the taxation of digital assets. It translates the tax complexity to almost 9000 members.
Article: “The Tokenization Process”
Aurélien Deville, based in the Pyrénées Atlantiques, is Chief Operating Officer of the start-up EquusChain™. With an MSc specializing in blockchain, he brings his expertise in this field as well as on new information and distribution systems to the organizations he works with. He has participated in many blockchain projects and created use cases for different professional ecosystems. An international speaker, he is also co-founder of the “Blockchain Commission” of the Mêlée Adour.
DJARI Aimen (France)
Item: “Proof of stake”
PhD student at CEA-LIST/IRISA/Rennes 1 University | Experimental thesis entitled “Study of the potential of graph-based approaches and Proof-of-Stake for cryptocurrencies with or without permissions”.
Sophie Dramé-Maigné
Item: “Decentralized Authentication, Blockchain as DPKI”
Sophie Dramé-Maigné is an Innovation Researcher at Space Elephant. She discovered blockchain in 2015 through its applications to access control and other cybersecurity issues. More recently, his research topics revolve around decentralized and self-sovereign digital identities.
DUBUCQ Cédric (France)
Items: “What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?” “Decentralized finance (DeFi): legal apprehension of a new phenomenon”
Cédric is an Associate Lawyer at BRUZZO DUBUCQ, which he created 8 years ago. He advises groups, business leaders and managers, as well as family groups on the most sensitive operations related to Blockchain Technology. With its specialized teams, it advises part of the ecosystem on subjects related to regulations, legal and tax structuring, and structured financing. Cédric has also participated in numerous conferences held at the National Assembly, the Paris Bar, Ecole 42, HEC Paris, TedX etc.
DUVAL Pascal (France)
Pascal DUVAL (France)
Item: “Smart contracts – The Contract as a Machine”
Present since the beginning of the internet and after a detour to teaching, Pascal Duval is dedicated to the design and development of blockchain applications.
FLEURET Faustine (France)
FLEURET Faustine
Item: “Crypto-asset overview”
A graduate in Finance, Faustine Fleuret first worked for the Autorité des marchés financiers before joining the Association Française des Marchés Financiers where she co-wrote a book on the MIF 2 regulation. She then joined ConsenSys as a consultant and manager regulatory affairs. In 2020, she joined Adan and co-wrote the book “Droit des crypto-actif et de la blockchain”. She was elected President of the Association in May 2021 while taking over her General Management. At the same time, she has been teaching since 2017 at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.
FOICIK Thomas (France)
Thomas Foicik
Item: “Blockchain and video games”
A trading room economist between 2010 and 2019, Thomas Foicik is the founder of Money Block, a start-up that deciphers blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through original experiences: educational and/or fun. Passionate about game theory, he designed a first multiplayer strategy video game to democratize these sometimes abstract concepts to as many people as possible. Enter the crypto-arena at
Foka Stephen Nzaha (Yaoundé, Cameroun)
Item: “AMM: role and operation”
Stephen Foka is an entrepreneur and researcher in information systems. His passion for Blockchain began in 2018. Since then, he has been active in training, researching and creating Blockchain-based solutions to address problems in Africa and the world.
Item: “Digital Asset Service Provider (DSP) – current and future regulation”
Maître Margaux Frisque was a pioneer in the field of ICO with the obtaining of the first visa from the AMF in 2019. After having been a lawyer at PwC Société d’Avocats en Droit des Affaires, Margaux is now co-founder and partner in charge of the Blockchain, Litigation & Data practice at d&a partners.
GUÉDON Pablo (France)
Item: “DAOs: companies on the blockchain?”
Pablo Guédon is a doctoral student in law at the Business Law Center of the Jean Moulin Lyon III University. He teaches various legal disciplines at this University. He has been writing a thesis since 2018 on the subject of the understanding of blockchain by tax law.
Line Guffond Le Goanvic
Item: “Blockchain and Health”
Doctor in Pharmacy and holder of a digital MBA, I created in 2020 the e-health consulting company: “360 Vision & Perspectives”. I advise and support companies and healthcare players in their digital transformation process and in the management of their business & data issues.
HENOCQUE Laurent  (France)
Item: “Layer 2 solutions for industry”
Laurent Henocque is Polytechnician and Doctor HdR in Mathematics and Computer Science. Startuper in 90, then Polytech/AMU teacher and CNRS/LIS researcher. Expert in Constraint Programming and AI, Semantic Web, HMI, Software Engineering, author of Open Source. In 2011, he filed two international patents in cryptography (Fr/US/EU) then founded KeeeX to industrialize them. KeeeX is a unique cyber and layer 2 Bitcoin player, for the self-supporting data of evidence and the universal probative process. Among the 50 most influential companies in the world
SULEMAN Hezekiah (Nigeria)
Item: “What are “crypto airdrops”?”
I am a skilled, diligent, hardworking and results oriented individual with great enthusiasm, energy, creativity and a great work attitude. I have a great ability to adapt to different working conditions, whether alone or in a team. Professionally, I am an expert community development specialist, passionate about building Blockchain/Crypto-related communities through key strategies to drive adoption and mass growth.
JACOB Charles (France)
Item: “How to invest well in cryptocurrencies?
CHARLES JACOB | CEO ALTI TRADING, real estate and financial markets investor since 2008. Entrepreneur and successful multi-domain investor, Charles now puts all his experience to work within ALTI TRADING to support members towards success, by developing all the the ecosystem. Charles, alongside the whole #TeamALTI has already supported more than 125,000 people to become profitable on the financial markets. Whether it is to create additional daily and long-term income or even achieve financial independence.
JOLY Alex (France)
Article: “Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, is a proposal for improving Bitcoin”
Student at the Institut Mines-telecom Business School. Editor and Podcaster at the KRYPTOSPHERE association. I am interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. Always curious to learn more and share more with as many people as possible.
Article: “What is Blockchain?”
Jérémy Karsenty is a data scientist, financial engineer and professor at the University. He has been immersed in blockchain and cryptocurrencies since the beginning of 2019. He then trained in blockchain development with Alyra. Blockchain specialist, he now supports several projects both on the tokenomics and technical aspects and understanding of this ecosystem.
KINDA Ianne (France)
Article: “Oracles and Blockchain” “Blockchain Philosophies and Ideologies”
Ianne Kinda is Chief Technical Officer and Consultant at Marstawork. Ianne proposed in 2016 one of the first French translation of the Ethereum White Paper. Passionate about decentralized Internet, Ianne has a holistic vision of blockchain issues, combining her technical expertise and solid Business and Marketing skills in the Web universe. Beyond her ability to support Blockchain project leaders, Ianne is interested in the epistemology of computer science and the societal impacts of decentralized technologies.
Alexandro K
Article: “DEX: Decentralized Exchanges”
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Blockchain entrepreneur, I am a Blockchain project consultant with Simmit Mining, Country representative Pan African Tech Foundation. (PATF) & Co-Founder of Crypto Corporate. I write content on LinkedIn and I train to educate and understand the issues of implementation of the blockchain to the population and in Africa. Currently on projects that I hope will be successful for Africa.
Article: “Behavioral Evidence”
Pascal Lafourcade is a lecturer at Clermont Auvergne University, member of LIMOS. He is the co-author of “Blockchains in 50 questions” in 2019 and “NFTs in 40 questions” in 2022. His research area is computer security and cryptography. He has co-authored numerous publications in the field of blockchain and their applications such as electronic voting or auctions.
LAJEUNE Gaétan (France)
Article: “What is a private key and a public key?”
Gaétan Lajeune has been a Blockchain and crypto entrepreneur since 2017. Engineer in Connected Objects (IOT) by training, former editor-in-chief of CoinTribune, one of the biggest media in the French-speaking sector, Gaétan continues to evolve on several projects as long as they democratize the ecosystem.</p > Translator for Binance, fundraiser and designer of innovative projects alongsideCrypto4All, crypto journalist and Community Builder with</ span> HolderZ ; trainer and pedagogue, Gaétan makes sure you have everything Coinpri< /a>to the blockchain.
Läng Chantal (Switzerland)
Article: “How to find and analyze small cryptos with high potential” “Buy land in the metaverse”
Project manager and business analyst, Chantal Läng likes to support blockchain projects that really create value for the community, with happy and dynamic teams. Passionate about figures and data, she likes to put qualitative scores on thousands of crypto projects to analyze their potential. And as she has been immersed in it on a daily basis since 2017, she takes the opportunity to create training and share her nuggets with her community.
Thibault Langlois
Article: “Legal perspectives of the emergence of a decentralized identity in the service of augmented digital rights”
Thibault LANGLOIS-BERTHELOT is a lawyer and technophile involved since 2016 in the construction of the French crypto and blockchain ecosystem. In 2017, at the age of 19, he founded the network KRYPTOSPHERE® which today brings together more than 500 active members within 15 French business and engineering schools. Since 2021, he has been doing a doctorate in law at EHESS on the subject of digital identity with regard to law and blockchain technology.
Article: “Generating passive income with cryptocurrencies”
Paul is an experienced investor with a passion for the cryptocurrency world. With his channel Paul Cryptoformation, he creates content related to cryptocurrency for his community of more than 70,000 members. He has trained several hundred people in the world of cryptocurrencies. He also acts as a consultant and advisor for companies where he shares his knowledge related to blockchain technologies. He is co-author of the book “The Bible of Bitcoin is Cryptocurrencies”.
LOIZON Margaux (France)
Margaux LOIZON
Article: “Smart contracts: legal analysis”
Margaux Loizon has been a doctoral student in law at the University of Montpellier since 2018. Passionate about the relationship between new technologies and law, she chose to carry out her thesis on the topic of blockchain and notaries. She is doing her thesis through the CIFRE system and is hired in this context by the company Genapi, a software publisher for notaries. Genapi is part of the Septeo group, European leader in legalTechs.
Marius Lombard-Platet
Article: “Smart contracts: presentation and security”
Marius Lombard-Platet is a doctor in cryptography. He defended a thesis in 2021 on the security of exchange protocols and data structures, including blockchain. He is currently in post-doctorate at the University of Luxembourg, where he works on the topics of consensus, public key, decentralized protocols.
Julie MARTIN (France)
Article: “Rethinking health data protection with blockchain technology”
Julie Martin is the CEO’s right-hand man at the consulting firm Smart-Chain. Holder of a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation, she has explored the concrete applications of blockchain technology for several years by being actively involved in the multi-technology association KryptoSphere®. This exploration, centered on the intersections between social and technological innovations, led her to write a dissertation on “blockchain technology and the common good” before joining Smart-Chain.
Article: “The decentralized entity”
Security architect, self-confident geek, passionate about PKI, blockchain and VR. Fell down Bitcoin’s white rabbit hole in 2013, full-time on “crypto” topics since 2018. Now “ lost in the Metaverse”.
Article: “DeFi: some applications”
Passionate about the field of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, Dimitri is now a trainer and speaker. For several years, it has helped many people regain power over their money and thus invest better. Find his numerous articles and videos on his blog as well as on his YouTube channel: Dimdecrypt
Naffah Najah (France)
Article: “Enterprise Blockchain”
Naffah Najah is CEO of Blockchain Secure, a stert-up focused on designing decentralized solutions and benefiting from future quantum technologies to improve security and optimize performance.
OUTAHAR Hayat (France)
Article: “Cypherpunks, precursors of the blockchain in the name of digital freedoms.”
Digital project manager, Hayat Outahar participated in 2019 in the design of a DApp intended for the certification of documents via Ethereum. She documents the foundations of Smart Contracts and is passionate about the subject. At the end of 2020, she teamed up with Glenn Rolland , research engineer, expert in personal data protection and cybersecurity. Rich in 12 years of friendship, they merge their skills to deliver practical and technical expertise on decentralized technologies.
PERARD Doriane (France)
Doriane PERARD
Article: “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the Eldorado of cybercriminals?”
PhD in computer science, author of a thesis entitled “blockchain and efficient storage”. Currently a researcher in computer science, particularly interested in topics around blockchains and cybersecurity.
PETROFF Serge (France)
Article: “Blockchain Interoperability”
Entered the world of blockchain in 2018 with the Kryptosphere association, Serge Petroff is a Decentralized Finance Consultant at DAO Maker.</p >
Article: “the CHALLENGE – yield farming”
Le Cryptopolitain and Ecole Crypto were founded by Thibaud Souchal and Rémi Piccioli. The team specializes in the study and research of blockchain projects. They use extensive fundamental analysis and investigation of network data (data analytics) allowing them to conclude on the health of a network and the true value of a token/coin. The team uses their knowledge acquired through various free content on their networks but also through paid content for those wishing to go further.< /span>
RABIA Adam (France)
Article: “The art and the way to unearth nuggets thanks to fundamental analysis”
I’m Adam “ Crypto Logique ” Entrepreneur, investor and youtuber with 14,000 subscribers. I have been criss-crossing the crypto market for 3 years like a hunting shark, in order to be able to understand its various pitfalls and peculiarities. Through one video per day (7 videos per week), I analyze, explain and share my various analyzes and experiences on the cryptocurrency market.
SCHMITZ David (Belgium / Luxembourg)
Article: “Polkadot, the WEB 3.0 oriented blockchain”
A lawyer and IT developer, David Schmitz has worked for more than 20 years in the legal sector and in parallel, as an entrepreneur in various IT projects related to the development of the Linux OS. It is thanks to this that he discovered the blockchain in 2016. He contributed to various projects sometimes as an advisor, sometimes as a developer. In 2020, he created the blockchain network, inspired by his past experience and the birth of Polkadot, of which he is the Head Ambassador for the Francophonie. David is very involved in this community through logon and joint projects with Astar, Bit.Country…
Servais David (France)
Article: “The Metaverses”
David SERVAIS: web3 explorer and metaverses David directed and contributed to international startups and digital transformation initiatives in the aerospace, defense, supply chain and healthcare sectors. David loves learning about and supporting startups in diverse industries and has coached startups as part of the THALES cybersecurity chair at Station F.
Article: “How do players in the blockchain ecosystem raise their funds?”
Specialized in content writing, content management, creative and dynamic communication. Fluent in French and English. CEO of Mensterz.
Article: “Blockchain and Supply Chain Management”
Hélène Trebosc Campillo – Auditor. Creator and facilitator of the “Blockchain and audit” module for the National Company of Auditors. “Blockchain and Supply Chain” trainer at the ‘AfrSCM (French-speaking association of supply chain management)
Romain Verlomme-Fried
Article: “Public auctions in the age of NFTs”
Romain Verlomme-Fried is Auctioneer. His academic experience led him to develop a great knowledge of art market law and international trade. He has been supporting collectors since 2012 and in 2021 founded a support company specializing in NFTs, ensuring traceability, transparency and secure investments for his clients. His recognition as a specialist in this field has led the Ministry of Culture and the Voluntary Sales Council to call on his expertise in the context of recent developments in the law of the Digital Art market< /p>
Article: “The True Potential of Private Blockchain SolutionsPrivate Blockchain”
Sylvain Vittecoq is founder / CEO of FileChain. Founded in 2016, FileChain aims to become one of the leading providers of blockchain platforms in Europe with solutions that are radically more economical, more efficient and offer an SDK to develop any business application in just a few weeks.
Article: “The History of Ethereum” “NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – definition essay”
Alexandre is a developer specializing in the Ethereum ecosystem. He collaborates with different companies in need of expertise on blockchain technology, being in charge of consulting and technical implementation.

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