AFTERWORK Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Marseille - October 11, 2021

6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Afterwork organized by Jean-Luc LASQUELLEC Founder of WALLCRYPT

La Coque: Place Basse, Pl. Henri Verneuil, 13002 Marseille

Mandatory health pass


Business Speed Meeting

An evening to meet enthusiasts and professionals of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Fast, efficient! You make the most of this moment to develop your relational network in your geographic area.

For those who wish, 1 minute will be dedicated to introduce yourself.

Presentation of the game WALLCRYPT

You will have the pleasure of discovering the Wallcypt game in preview. Blockchain and cryptocurrency popularization board game.
The game will be presented by Jean-Charles IZE Ph.D CEO of Mens Saga Games.

wallcrypt le jeu
Présentation du jeu WALLCRYPT
Présentation du jeu WALLCRYPT
Présentation du jeu WALLCRYPT
Présentation du jeu WALLCRYPT

You will have the privilege of testing the game by table of 4 to 6 people. (No money game)

Whatever your level of knowledge in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, anyone can play and win.

Book: "50 experts explain the Blockchain to you"

Jean-Luc LASQUELLEC, CEO of Wallcrypt will also talk to you about the book. (In progress)

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