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In the continuity of this book, Wallcrypt has decided to develop Ebooks by subject.

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Veronique Rondeau Abouly

Véronique Rondeau-Abouly

Lawyer, DPO, GDPR, Blockchain, DeFi and NFT cryptocurrency, Metaverse and virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Platform and digital communication law

Ben BK

Ben BK

Youtuber | Blockchain Fullstack Developer (Solidity/Rust) | Trainer/Jury @Alyra School of Blockchain

Dr Caroline Hervé

Blockchain Developer, CEO @alpha.web3 PhD in data management, Engineer in R&D software systems

Mehdi Labbani

Mehdi Labbani

Directeur Général Europe B4B Labs / Blockchain / Web3.0

Romain Bailleul

Romain Bailleul

Web3 Advisor & Builder

Cécile Agu

Cécile Agu

Expert & Conférencière «Autour d’un café Art Luxe & Web3»

Victor Tamer

Victor Tamer

Partnerships Manager at BeinCrypto / Fashion Photographer / Writer

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    is a real success!

    It is considered a reference book in the WEB3 this book is intended for all audiences.

    The success of this book is also to have made it possible to meet experts and to create a link unifier.

    This is why we have decided to create the WEB3 Wallcrypt community platform.

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