Join the Wallcrypt Ambassadors network

Join the Wallcrypt Ambassadors network


Wallcrypt ambassador conditions

You are passionate about Blockchain and / or Cryptocurrency.

The world of education, training and employment concerns you.

business opportunities interest you.

You want to get involved in a large-scale project.

The engagements

Wallcrypt ambassadors business network

Promote Wallcrypt in your Blockchain circle of connections.

Write one article per quarter on Blockchain or crypto news in your city or country.

Contribute to the promotion of webinars organized by Wallcrypt.

Offer to training centers, universities, firms of recruitment of your city who work in the Blockchain to present themselves for free in Wallcrypt.

Discussions and recommendations

Wallcrypt ambassador recommendations

The business network is above all a means of sharing the same passion and the same values .

Mutual aid on the search for internship, training, employment in the Blockchain sector and its ecosystem.

An international community of active people who wish to develop their address book.


Business ambassadeurs wallcrypt

The business network allows you to develop your business through word of mouth and business recommendation. </ strong>

Regular international business meetings by videoconference.

Collaborate in responding to calls for tenders relevant to the Blockchain and its ecosystem.

Promotion of products and services.

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Stay informed on the latest news from Blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance by business sector

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