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Blockchain in Benin

You live in Benin. You develop projects , training or you recruit in the Blockchain sector …

Crypto currency in Benin

You live in Benin. You think cryptocurrency is the future.

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You live in Benin. Smart contracts concern you.

Benin | Decentralized finance

You live in Benin. You think decentralized finance is the future. CHALLENGE

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Bitcoin in Benin

You live in Benin. You know BITCOIN well. You know how to buy, sell, protect, store your bitcoins …

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Blockchain in Benin

A propos du Bénin

Benin has French as its official language and the CFA franc as its currency. The political system of Benin is presidential type and the incoming President of the Republic is Patrice Talon, who succeeded Boni Yayi during the elections of March 20, 2016. The handover of power between outgoing President Boni Yayi and his successor, businessman Patrice Talon was held on April 6, 2016 at the Marina Palace in Cotonou. Benin is part of several international organizations, including the International Organization of La Francophonie and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation. ” Source Wikipedia

The official currency in Benin

The CFA Franc is the official currency of Benin

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